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Another kind of creamy omelette

Hi guys. Your host here will finally be makin his own post instead of letting djopm do the work haha!  So!  Today we’re gonna do a different kind of “creamy” omelette.  Keep the prior creamy, moist goodness of your omelettes if you’d like, this is more of a “in addition to” kind of deal.  Also, we’ll be folding this American style (folded once)  So!  Here’s what you need to make the thing.

2 Eggs
3 White button mushrooms (or any other savory omelette additions you’d like, I just like mushrooms ^.^)
Olive oil
Salt and pepper, to taste
Pinch of cumin (optional)
1 tbsp milk, your choice
1/2 tbsp *cream cheese* (I personally use 2/3 tbsp)

Yes, that’s right, cream cheese.  Trust me, this gets good.
– Start off by heating up your pan.  Do not add the oil yet, of course.
– Now then, crack your eggs into a bowl and pour in the milk.  At this point you can choose to put in your seasonings now or put them in while your eggs are in the pan. Beat the eggs until well combined.
– Slice or chop up your mushrooms. You probably want to go with thin enough slices to be spread over most of the pan area.  Cut or break up the cream cheese into pieces, again enough to spread over most of the pan area.  Alternately, you can shape the cream cheese into a thin line long enough to stretch across one end of the omelette to the other.
Mise en place all done.

– Pour in just enough oil to coat the pan.  Once the oil moves about quickly, toss your mushrooms in there.  Sweat those mushrooms until brown.
– Add in your eggs.  Move the pan around so the eggs cover the surface of the pan. Occasionally lift one side and let some of the uncooked eggs flow in the empty space (should only need to do this twice). Wait until the bottom of the eggs is just cooked enough to be scooped from under.
– Add your cream cheese.  Go ahead and spread them haphazardly, that could very well be the best way to do it haha.  If you went with the line of cream cheese, place it in the center of your omelette.
– Immediately begin doing your fold.  Gently get under those eggs until you can move the whole mass just by shaking your pan.  Once you have that, ease those eggs to the edge of your pan until the end just barely comes over the top.  Then, in one move, make a scooping motion with your pan and flick it upwards.  Put in just enough strength to get the up ended part of the egg to flip over neatly onto the other half.  If you don’t get it the first time, use your spatula to adjust.
– Close up the ends of your now-formed omelette, and it’s done.  Slide it onto a plate and enjoy!

Well, there yo go.  I’m sure you all have different techniques for your folds and if your technique works for you, then stick to it.  If not, try it my way.  If it doesn’t work out the first time around, practice.  I’m not a natural, myself.  I honestly still have a hard time folding my omelette French-style.  Anyhow, that’s all for today.  Bye now!

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